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The Beginnings

Schneider's Gourmet World was founded in 1990 as a family operated business committed to providing families and organizations with high quality snack products. These products were developed by company namesake Colleen Schneider, who was also responsible for designing much of the original packaging, recipes and product line.

Schneider's Gourmet World initially marketed its products through home parties and direct sales. This relational style of sales grew out of Schneider's emphasis for customer service and engagement.

Sensing a growing demand for their product, Schneider's Gourmet World launched its first website in 1994. This venture increased accessibility of Schneider's product line and promoted global sales. This move to bringing products closer to the customer continued in 1995 when Schneider's Gourmet World moved into the retail marketplace and began selling products with the Hudson's Bay Company.

As customer needs have shifted with a changing economy, Schneider's Gourmet World has continued to adapt. Rather than sell its product in big box stores, Schneider's has sought partnerships with community-based grocery stores, gift shops, drug stores, and health food stores.


Today, Schneider's Gourmet World is proudly operated by Wes and Rachel Peters. Wes and Rachel were introduced to Schneider's products over twenty years ago when they received a Theatre II Gift pack as a wedding gift. Little did they know that a few decades later they would have the privilege of introducing other families to the same high quality Schneider's products.

Wes and Rachel are committed to serving the clients that make up the global Schneider's family by continuing the company's legacy of innovative and delicious snacks. Although traditional services like home parties have been discontinued, a new vision for the future has emerged. Customers can now access the entire line of Schneider's Gourmet World snacks and packages online and have their order shipped directly to their front door.

Our belief for the future

With all the changes that continually happen in today’s society, Schneider’s Gourmet World promises that the things you have grown to love about us will not change. We promise to continue with our great products along with excellent customer service and guaranteed satisfaction. You can count on us to make snacking healthy and fun for your whole family.

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