About Us

Wes and Rachel Peters are the proud new owners of Schneider’s Gourmet World. They have four children and are long time residents of Saskatchewan. In July of 2014, Wes and Rachel bought and moved the company from Delisle, Saskatchewan to Neuanlage, Saskatchewan, where they live and operate the company.

Rachel handles the sales and day-to-day operations of the business. Wes, a full time teacher, manages product and assists in sales and packaging. The company employs their children, who assist with keeping the shelves stocked. Schneider’s Gourmet World truly is a family business.

They have enjoyed the Schneider’s products since 1995 when they received their first popper as a gift. Since then, they have enjoyed the superior quality and taste of the Schneider’s products. In fact, it is seldom when a popper isn’t making a batch of popcorn or Kaktus chips for the evening snack. The question isn’t, “Should we have snacks?” The question is, “What flavor should we have today?”

Now as owners of Schneider’s Gourmet World they are eager to deliver the same great product and service as before. It is their goal to make snack time a happy and enjoyable time, as well as to provide you with the best oil, best popcorn makers, best seasonings and of course the best popcorn. If you have any questions about their products, please call them at
1-800-665-6484 and they would be happy to serve you.

Family Business