Our History

Schneider’s Gourmet World was founded in 1990 as a family operated business committed to providing families and organizations with high quality snack products. These products were developed by company namesake Colleen Schneider, who was also responsible for designing much of the original packaging, recipes and product line.

Schneider’s Gourmet World initially marketed its products through home parties and direct sales. This relational style of sales grew out of Schneider’s emphasis for customer service and engagement.

Sensing a growing demand for their product, Schneider’s Gourmet World launched its first website in 1994. This venture increased accessibility of Schneider’s product line and promoted global sales. This move to bringing products closer to the customer continued in 1995 when Schneider’s Gourmet World moved into the retail marketplace and began selling products with the Hudson’s Bay Company.

As customer needs have shifted with a changing economy, Schneider’s Gourmet World has continued to adapt. Rather than sell its product in big box stores, Schneider’s has sought partnerships with community-based grocery stores, gift shops, drug stores, and health food stores.

Schneiders Gourmet World popcorn sack (historic)

Present Day

Wes and Rachel Peters are the owners of Schneider’s Gourmet World. They have four children and are long-time residents of Saskatchewan. In July of 2014, Wes and Rachel bought and moved the company from Delisle, Saskatchewan to Neuanlage, Saskatchewan, where they live and operate the company.

From the beginning, Schneider’s Gourmet World has been a family business. The Schneider family started the popcorn company and the Peters family carries on with business as usual. Rachel is the COO while Wes, a full-time teacher, helps more behind the scenes as time allows. They also employ their children, who help with everything from packaging to deliveries and even marketing.

Wes and Rachel and their family have enjoyed the Schneider’s products since 1995 when they received their first Theatre II Gift Pack as a gift. Since then, they have enjoyed the superior quality and taste of the Schneider’s products. In fact, it is seldom when a popper isn’t making a batch of popcorn or Kaktus chips for their evening snack. The question isn’t, “Should we have snacks?” The question is, “What flavour should we have today?

Customer service has always been on the heart of Wes and Rachel. Their friendly faces, companied with a smile, are sure to greet you every time you stop by the store. They are eager to deliver the same great products and service that you have grown to love. It is their goal to make your snacking experience an enjoyable one, filled with many great moments.

If you have questions about the company or products, please feel free to reach out to them at 306-225-5764.