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Rachel Peters

Rachel Peters


It’s Monday morning, April 9, 2018 and life goes on. In the wake of the horrific accident that happened in our province, life still goes on. But how? How do we move forward from here? It is not possible to […]


Because we love our bodies

This is  not an in-depth story of my life, but rather closer to a follow up from the live video I posted a number of weeks ago about health and fitness and loving our bodies.  Since then, I had many […]


Coconut Oil

The hype is all around:  coconut oil for teeth, for hair, for aging spots, for dry spots and the list goes on.  It’s not hard to find a use for coconut oil these days.  We here at Schneider’s Gourmet World […]


Healthy Choices (with kids)

So the other day I was at a local restaurant having lunch with my son for his birthday.  Of course since it was his birthday, I let him choose where we should eat.  He didn’t want anything greasy so he […]


Popcorn Salad

So as I am sitting here, I’m thinking about all those wonderful summer days where bbq’s were the obvious choice for supper.  Pull out some burgers or chicken, fire up the grill and voila, supper.  But of course, the questions […]


Star Wars

I’m not sure how many of you are Star Wars fanatics but I would dare to say that there are quite a few of you out there.  I for one, am not a fanatic, but I have always enjoyed watching […]

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Kaktus Chips

When I talk about Kaktus Chips, most people respond with, “What are Kaktus Chips?”. It is shocking to me how many people have yet to try our Kaktus Chips. Maybe you are one of them and that is why you […]


New Beginnings

As many of you already know, I am one of the new owners of Schneider’s Gourmet World as of July 2014.  And what a ride it has been.  I went from a stay-at-home mom to a business owner/operator in a […]

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