Premium Canola Oil with OMEGA 3 (500ml)

$ 5.26 (USD)

Size: 453 ml / 16 oz


Schneider’s Coconut Oil and Schneider’s Premium Canola Oil can reach a higher temperature before they start to burn or smoke. These oils are suggested because their low molecular structure makes them more stable and lighter than other oils. All Schneider’s Gourmet World suggested usages are guidelines to make a perfect snack. Individual consumers make the product, determining the amount of oil and seasonings they wish to use. Both our Schneider’s Coconut Oil and Schneider’s Premium Canola Oil are non-hydrogenated. The Beta Carotene, which is what makes the oil a bright orange colour, is added to enhance flavour by providing a natural butter flavour and a natural colour without harmful additives.

Size: 500 ml / 16 oz

Suggested Usage: 5 tbsp / batch makes 14 batches

Shelf Life: 6 months

Additional information

Weight 453 g

Beta-carotene, Omega3


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